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ATW MC3180  445mm An economical metal cup 5 sizes.
TCD51108 Budget metal cup in Gold or silver.. 245mm. 3 smaller sizes available
ATW Fluted Plastic cup. Gold or silver 4 sizes.

Gold or Silver

Cups on rosewood bases

ATW MC180G 420mm 2 smaller sizes. Excellent value Metal cup
ATW Budget Plastic cup with position for logo
TCD X3189 Gold cup. Metal . With unusual modern stem And place for logo. 375mm  3 smaller sizes Availlable.
ATW Heavy Based Gold Or silver cup. Engraveable with perpetual base
TCD CC228 Crystal cup on Black Crystal Base.  340mm  2 smaller sizes availbalbe

Gold or silver

Cup on large

Plastic base.

Looks good - great value

ATW Engraveable Cup

Limited stock in gold and silver.  Quality product.

3 sizes  

TCD Engraveable cup


5 smaller sizes available.

A variety of bases can be fitted

Nickel Plated trophy cup


TCD X3251 520mm

4 smaller sizes available.


Ceramic Gold or Silver Cups.  Modern Style clean lines. 460mm 3 smaller sizes available.
For more choices, click on the links to view more cups available from our suppliers TCD VT Series Either Gold or Silver 9 sizes varying from 145mm to 420mm ATW MC4340 Gold and Silver 5 sizes from 180mm to 340mm These Quality Nickel Plated Cups are engraveable, and do not tarnish. Popular Cups with Metal Bowls. IL MB941 G Series IL MB941 S Series 6 sizes ranging from 80mm dia to 160mm A lid and figure can be placed on the top to identify the cup  with your particular  sport or activity TCD Iron Man Cups Gold or Silver Currently best value metal cups around. 6 sizes in each up to a giant 530mm height. Iron Man gold  120mm dia Iron Man Silver 100 mm and 140mm Ev Nesta Cup Great Budget metal cup 5 sizes in gold or silver Ev Curva Cup Good value metal cup 3 sizes in gold or silver IL BMB101G  Good budget cup

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