All the trophies pictured below come in a wide range of colours and sizes. All sports can be catered for, and your logo can be easily incorporated. Please contact Sport Awards to request a quote on your specific requirement.

TM5094Order your colour

 Can be used for
small budget perpetuals.

Great value for money

Timber Trophies

Lower priced options

TM 5011

4 sizes 200 to 280mm

Choose your colour.

Classy tall trophy

Timber Trophies

Middle price range

Top Quality


Choose your colour

4 sizes

320mm to 430mm

Plenty of space for larger
engraving plate


Great for senior teams

A sample of our most popular Quality Trophies Click on the image to see a larger view Click for Budget trophies
5039 5039 5057

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Sport Awards trophies & engraving